Best Vegetarian Foods for Sexual Stamina

Best Vegetarian Foods for Sexual Stamina

Eat your way to great sex with these easily available vegetarian foods.

Sex is not everything, but is nevertheless very important when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship. Lack of sex or intimacy between partners can lead to tensions and negative energies, which can be manifested in the form of frequent tiffs and fights, spelling doom for the relationship. There can be a number of reasons that you or your partner might be experiencing low libido or low sexual stamina, and stress and tight schedules are just the tip of the iceberg.

A number of physical and emotional constraints could be leading to low endurance levels in bed or unwillingness to have sex or an aversion to it. While emotional reasons like lack of communication, anxiety disorders and lack of or unwillingness to trust your partner, can be solved with some counselling, there might be some other reasons you might be ignoring. Some other reasons for lack of sexual chemistry include low energy levels, low testosterone levels, or lack of physical exercises, and most importantly nutritional deficiencies.

Food plays a big role in ensuring a healthy sexual relationship, by keeping your metabolism humming adequately for you to feel sexy and ready for some action. The foods you eat can either drain you of your energy and lead to serious illnesses or can cure you of the problem of low levels of energy and keep you perky and stress-free enough to be willing to express your love for your partner.

Here are some easily available vegetarian foods that can help you maintain your sexual stamina:


Avocados are super foods which are excellent for your health as they are rich in good monosaturated heart healthy fats, which help fight cholesterol in the body. More importantly, they contain high levels of folic acids, which are very important in metabolizing proteins, providing your body with higher energy.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot Juice is quite in vogue nowadays with fitness freaks. Beetroot is considered a super food for increasing red blood cells in the body. This in turn increases the blood’s capacity to carry and transport oxygen to all parts of the body, including the nether regions or the genital organs of your body. Betroot also has nitric acid which is converted to ntric oxide in the body, which leads to better, firmer and longer erections.


Apple, both red and green are great stamina boosters, as they are rich in a number of essential nutrients and minerals, which boost blood flow, helping to maintain erections in men and reaching an orgasm in women. Apples have Phenylethylamine, which gives men and women the feeling of arousal and excitement, naturally.

Dates (khajur)

Dates or Pint Khajur is an excellent source of dietary fiber and carbohydrates, which makes you feel full for longer, preventing the need to eat more often. They are responsible for improving overall energy levels of the body, because they are rich in natural sugars like fructose, sucrose and glucose. This makes dates the perfect healthy and nutritious foods to snack on, for a quick energy boost.

Cherries and Strawberries

Cherries and strawberries are both tasty and nutritious and work wonders for sexual libido and endurance in bed. Both are filled with antioxidants which fight cancers, and naturally boost energy levels by providing the body with a good amount of natural sugars. Strawberries are also one of the most romantic foods to eat with your partner. So set the mood by muching on some strawberries covered in dark chocolate, with your partner.


Figs are known as the ultimate fertility boosting foods, as they are rich in certain amino acids with energy and stamina boosting properties. They also reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, making blood to flow easily to all body parts. They also regularize metabolic rates and maintain them at the optimal levels. However, you should be careful to not over eat the dried figs as they have very high glycemic index which can result in high blood sugar levels.


Popeye the sailor man, knew what he was doing when he munched on spinach to give himself the energy to fight all villains and emerge victorious. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in iron, which is capable of perking you up in no time, whenever you’re feeling tired or ‘not quite up to it’. It also contains vitamins and minerals, which can help your muscles work better during work outs or a romp in the sheets.


Arugula has been heralded as an arousal aid since the first century. Today, research reveals that the trace minerals and antioxidants packed into dark, leafy greens are essential for our sexual health because they help block absorption of some of the environmental contaminants thought to negatively impact our libido.


Any member of this tropical fruit family is super-rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and folic acid—all of which are essential for men’s reproductive health. Enjoy a romantic salad that incorporates citrus, like pink grapefruit or mandarin oranges, or use a dressing made with lemon and lime.


Okay, while onion breath may not be sexy, the veggie strengthens reproductive organs and increases testosterone, which boosts libido in both men and women. “In Ayurveda, it’s known as a tonic for building sexual energy,”. “Monks have to avoid it because it’s known to build up semen.” (Bet you never thought you’d read that sentence.) But basically, you and your partner should chop it up and put it in everything.


Garlic isn’t just for warding off vampires. In fact, you might want to try feeding some to Robert Pattinson. “Garlic contains allicin, which builds heat in the body and has been proven to increase testosterone,” Isadora explains. “It’s useful for sexual stamina, and body builders use it for muscle growth.” Feel like a little Italian tonight?

Cayenne Pepper

Just like cayenne’s spicy on your tongue, it helps add spice to your sex life. “Hot peppers contain capsaicin, which creates heat and improves circulation and blood flow for erections,” Isadora says. The peppers have an immediate effect, so try eating them when you’re already ready to go. And maybe save dessert for later.

Goji Berries

goji berries have long been used as a sexual tonic in Asian countries because they’re said to increase testosterone. “Try sprinkling these on your cereal, salads, or just eating a handful,”. Buying them in dried form is okay, too. “They’re a sexual tonic and a superfood—a sexual superfood.” Now that’s a good marketing hook if I’ve ever heard one.

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